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Lymphedema is a condition characterised by the uneven or disproportionate accumulation of excessive fat most commonly on the lower extremities. It can be uncomfortable and frustrating for people who otherwise lead healthy lifestyles, but who are quite heavy in their lower bodies.

Fat deposits associated with Lymphedema typically remain limited to the legs and buttocks, although fat may also accumulate in the upper extremities in more advanced stages. Venous issues can appear in later stages of Lymphedema such as venous insufficiencies, varicose vein development and venous stasis dermatitis. Although lipedema can be physically painful and cause emotional and physical discomfort and limitations, the condition is usually not dangerous or harmful unless it reaches the end of the spectrum with marked Lymphedema and venous insufficiency and congestion and possible deep vein thrombosis.

There are a number of symptoms that affect patients with lymphedema that typically worsen over time:

  • Extremity swelling caused by lymphatic fluid
  • Change in skin quality such as skin fibrosis
  • Extremity tenderness or pain
  • Intermittent redness of the extremity, known as cellulitis
  • Excess fat in the extremity

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