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Breast Reconstruction

Cancer is one disease that leaves lasting, physical reminders. Survivors of Breast cancer often feel unfeminine following mastectomy. This is where Breast reconstruction helps. Breast reconstruction is a procedure that helps breast cancer patient rebuild the shape and look of her breast.

After a mastectomy, breast reconstruction can make you feel better about how you look and renew your self-confidence. A woman might choose to have breast reconstruction for many reasons:

  • To make her chest look balanced.
  • To help make clothes fit better.
  • To permanently regain her breast shape.
  • So she won’t have to use a breast form that fits inside the bra (an external prosthesis).
  • To feel better about her body.

Dr. Date specialises in a detailed, controlled, and predictable external approach. During the consultation, he will consider many factors that make each case unique, including patients’ needs, goals and medical history.

Dr. Date will help you reach your expectations by achieving natural-looking results. Request a consultation or call our office at +91 8291583850.