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Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common concern that affects both men and women, but thankfully there are effective, lasting solutions. Hair loss can affect both men and women, although it can differ quite a bit between the sexes. The distinctions between male and female hair loss shape the way the condition is treated.

In both men and women, hair grows in 3 stages:

  • anagen, or the active growing phase,
  • catagen, the brief transitional period,
  • telogen, the “resting” period during which the hair is inactive.

It’s normal to shed a few dozen hairs each day. However, when the growth cycle is disrupted, more rapid hair loss occurs and thinning begins to become more noticeable. In addition to normal male- and female-pattern baldness, hair loss can occur due to long-term nutritional deficiencies, stress, physical trauma such as a burn, scar, or a surgical incision. This type of hair loss can occur anywhere on the body where hair grows.

One reason plastic surgeons are the best choice for hair restoration is their extensive training and comprehensive understanding of both aesthetics and scalp/hair anatomy. Dr. Date takes into account numerous considerations when planning hair restoration.

  • The facial rules of thirds and fifths: That a well-proportioned face can be divided horizontally into thirds and vertically into fifths, with each eye taking up a single fifth.
  • Strategies for creating a natural-looking hairline that is not perfectly symmetrical
  • The PASSO algorithm, which stands for position of the hairline, angle of transplanted hair, shape of the hairline, and softness of the hairline
  • Lowering the hairline for transgender women
  • Long-term planning for maintaining good results, especially for patients in the early stages of hair loss
  • Techniques to increase the visual perception of hair, such as scalp micropigmentation
  • Potentially harvesting hair from non-scalp donor sites
  • Improving the appearance of a previous strip scar

To ensure the best outcomes, Dr. Date works closely with patients to help them choose the most appropriate surgical options based on their individual goals, preferences, and fitness for major surgery.

Dr. Date specialises in a detailed, controlled, and predictable external approach. During the consultation, he will consider many factors that make each case unique, including patients’ needs, goals and medical history.

Dr. Date will help you reach your expectations by achieving natural-looking results. Request a consultation or call our office at +91 8291583850.

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