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The Best Breast Augmentation in Mumbai

Caring about your appearance extends beyond vanity. For many women, self-image is central to the quality of life, social interaction and self-esteem. Dr. Date began specialising in breast enhancement surgery and has now become one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons for breast augmentation with implants and fat transfer breast augmentation in the city.

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that enhances a woman's breasts using implants filled with cohesive silicone gel or a saline solution, which are placed behind the breast tissue, behind the muscle, or somewhere under the fascia (a very thin tissue that is between your chest muscle and breast tissue.)

Breasts come in several shapes and sizes, and every woman has a different concept of her ideal breasts. Dr. Date’s breast augmentation patients select their breast implants with the help of the newest sizers on the market. Dr. Date creates natural-looking, proportional breasts.

Thousands of breast augmentation patients restore post-baby breasts, enhance their curves, and gain the feminine shape they’ve always wanted through quick-recovery breast augmentation with Dr. Date’s surgical expertise.

The demand for breast augmentation to enhance one’s figure and confidence is ever-growing. If individual styles of clothing make you feel self-conscious, or if you’ve dreamed of balanced proportions and life without padded bras, breast implant surgery could make a significant difference for you.

Dr. Date will help you reach your expectations by achieving beautiful, natural-looking breast augmentation results. Request a consultation or call our office at +91 8291583850.